United German American Society of Florida

A people without the knowledge of their past history,
origin and culture is like a tree without roots.
— Marcus Garvey

Welcome to the German American Society of Florida

Who We Are

  German American Society of Florida (UGASF) is an Umbrella Society uniting German-American Clubs in the State of Florida into one Society.

Our History 

   During the early years of the 1980s, Gerda Des Jardin of the Pinellas Park club proposed the idea of founding an umbrella organization encompassing all of the German-American Clubs of Florida. At the time .. Read More..


Our Goal

   The goal of this Society is to preserve and further promote German customs and traditions by unifying member German-American organizations in the State of Florida, by improving communications and cooperation between member organizations and by participating in the representation on the State and National levels.

From The Desk of Kurt Freiter
President United German American Society
of Florida     Here  


Der Botschafter 

   The Latest issue of  "Der Botschafter"  is available Here

Title Filename Size
Der_Botschafter_Issue_01-2022.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_01-2022.pdf 684.34 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_02-2022.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_02-2022.pdf 267.16 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_03-2022.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_03-2022.pdf 564.91 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_04-2022.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_04-2022.pdf 502.88 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_05-2022.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_5-2022.pdf 385.94 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_06-2021.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_06-2021.pdf 243.75 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_07-2021.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_07-2021.pdf 455.71 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_08-2021.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_08-2021.pdf 333.28 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_09-2021.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_09-2021.pdf 235.16 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_10-2021.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_10-2021.pdf 586.32 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_11-2021.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_11-2021.pdf 417.79 KB
Der_Botschafter_Issue_12-2021.pdf Der_Botschafter_Issue_12-2021.pdf 457.03 KB